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2013-05-21 13:23:03

Bought this CRV EXL Navigation new in 2010. 30k on the odometer at present. Good ride, excellent handling, everything works as well as when brand new. Very easy to drive and have gotten as high as 30.4 mpg on several occasions. Not bad for a 4WD vehicle. Love the voice activated system for radio, phone and climate control. This is my 3rd Honda product and all have lived up to expectations. Only con I have is the Continental tires which are terrible. They are noisy and wear unevenly. I have had rotations done every 6k. Will be replacing with Michelin tires this fall. Have an Accord with Michelins and never replaced them until I hit 75k and they still had 30% tread left on them.

2011 Honda CR-V


2011-11-13 11:11:56

This is my 2nd brand new Honda vehicle in the past 6 yrs. I purchased this CRV new in April '11 and so far its been typical Honda all the way. NO ISSUES, NO RETURN to the dealer for adjustment or anything. I am impressed with the fuel economy as I have been averaging 28mpg. I have gotten as high as 30.6 mpg and this is the 4WD model. AWESOME!!. The in dash Navigation system with the voice recognition works well. I love being able to give verbal commands to the Navigation, Climate control and Audio systems!! Usually this type of system is reserved for Lexus/Mercedes type vehicles. Dash is easy on the eyes especially the blue lighting at night. Power Leather seats are comfortable and easy to find perfect position with 8 way adjustments including power lumbar. Handles very well, feels more like a car around curves etc. Back seat may be a bit firm for some. Amazing space in this compact package with seats folded up. I test drove Equinox,Sorento,Rav 4, Escape. Only one I even thougt was close in quality was the Sorento (Kia) but sitll not as nice as the CRV. I guess after driving the competition it was easy for me to see why the CRV is the top selling small SUV in the USA.. I had the dealer install the Rear spoiler, body side mouldings, fog lamps, and chrome tailpipe finisher. I put the Honda splass guards on myself. I believe this will be as great and reliable as my 05 Accord has been.

2011 Honda CR-V


2011-05-29 07:57:49

My beloved 2005 CRV is my benchmark, it is great in all departments. Having to now find my mother a car I turn to CRV's - new ones. The styling is obnoxious - what was a simple straight forward nice looking is now overly styled, pretentiously curved and has far less interior room than before - must have gone to Detroit on this one. The exterior colors are rather dowdy but that is okay, do like the Opal Jade but so many grey/silvers in the same product line? As for the interior, in their effort to make the car more "plush" they have left me in the dust. No I do not like the round things on the door handles - totally useless and of no purpose. Then the radio situation, they sock you with the fancy radio when you buy anything but the rock bottom model. Why all the small compartments in the console and dash, is that to lose keys or simply become a dump site? This is for my 80 year old mother, why does Honda expect a woman that has no concept of cell phones to use an XM radio that looks like it should be in an airplane cockpit? Way too complicated for either of us. The faux stainless panel in the dashboard is pure hooey - what does it accomplish? An overly cluttered dashboard console is not a good thing for those of us that were born before computers. Has Honda hired the same stylists from Detroit that messed up the Jaguar to screw up the CRV?? Simpler is far better. Performance is another issue. The 4wd is too tough for her to steer and the suspension is a bit boxy. The 2wd is good but does not seem to have the power my 2005 does. Do not know whether it is the tires or car. Will have to pass this time as the CRV looks like the ordinary overpriced crap produced by Detroit with it bling-bling infused styling rather than its direct styling of my car. Mom had some funny comments about "does the car come with a set of gold chains to wear while driving? Am wondering the same.

2011 Honda CR-V

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2011-04-08 12:57:43

2011 Honda CR-V

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