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Years of owning the Lincoln Navigator

2016-05-15 00:22:56

I would say that this is the best full size suv, I love it, I love how I tower over the rest of the traffic, I feel like I have power, to be way taller and see everything from the huge view out the large windows, there is talk about this suv not having good visibility but with the back up cam and the senors front and back you can't have an excuse to not see out. The only thing that I would complain about is that after two years the running boards that are electric start to stick especially in colder weather, they start to give up and there is not a way to just have them left out. Also the running boards paint fades and chips the quickest. Other than that I have not felt any disappointment. We normally sell them privately after we are done and always have at least two parked on the driveway. They are roomy and safe with the anti-roll technology you can't go wrong! This is a gangster ride!!!

2009 Lincoln Navigator

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