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4.5 out of 5

Review of 2009 Lincoln MKS

2010-02-10 21:56:46

I bought my Lincoln MKS in August, but in last 2 months it spend more time in the shop than I am driving. I had a Lincoln Continental, I loved it, it was fast, convenient and very low maintenance. I assumed that that is the Lincoln quality. The MKS has a very slow accelaration, hard to change lane with it or entering in the traffic. It is beautiful but the quality low, and the wrost the service I am getting. They repaired the seal, which was leaking, but damaged my seet and the carpet. So now back in the shop and I am driving a cheap, inconvenient car, while paying for a more expensive "luxorius" car, which was my dream car. Any advice? thanks.

2009 Lincoln MKS

I have a Lincoln MKS

2009-03-20 16:02:53

Yes, the car is beautiful, I have had mine since November. This is my second Lincoln, my first was an LS, loved it, good ride, very quiet, wonderful to drive. The MKS though, has very loud road noise, not what I was used to at all. The torque converter is very rough, shifts hard, and idles very rough. The sales manager assures me this is very normal for the car. Not the Lincoln quality I expected at all.

2009 Lincoln MKS

Lincoln MKS Is A Awesome Car

2009-03-13 08:53:46

I have purchased the 2009 Lincoln MKS with All-Wheel Drive with all of the technology it has to offer and am finding it to be a awesome car. I chose the Tuxedo Black/Charcoal colors and the 19-inch wheels which make the car even more attractive and attention-grabbing. The Lincoln SYNC and Sirius Travel Link are invaluable technological tools to have available on every trip, no matter how long or short they may be. They make finding and locating all sorts of places and services very easy. The handling and responsiveness of the MKS' 273hp engine is awesome. And the ride and luxury of the MKS is totally Lincolnesque! I highly recommend the MKS to everyone who wants a true American luxury sedan with all of the modern technological capabilities and conveniences available today. None of the competitors I test drove, including Cadillac, Mercedes, BMW or Lexus came anywhere near the quality and standards the MKS offers.

2009 Lincoln MKS

Best Lincoln Ever

2009-02-15 08:44:30

I purchased my MKS in November and now have about 5000 miles on it. This is a great looking car and a delight to drive. Plenty of room yet easy to park. The rear view TV camera which at first I thought was a gimmick has made backing up much safer especially if small children are about. I drove from Billerica, MA to Longboat Key,Florida in comfort at just above the speed limit and averaged better than 25MPG.This car handles more like a sports car yet does not tire me on long trips. I am looking forward to the next few years of ownership of this fine American Made Car.

2009 Lincoln MKS

not an owner yet?

2009-02-12 23:05:11

I'm in love with this MKS 'S' is for sexy, this is Lincoln's best addition since the "Town-Car". I own an older T.C.(not going to sell it). I just test-drove the 'MKS' Very-Hot looking, & drives like a real-Lincoln should. I only wish they had a rear-drive version, anyhow I am going to buy one in (smokestone-or-red & maybe cinnamon), I have to see in daylight. This car is not selling because of the econemy & alittle too high-end priced. Lincoln must make price-adjustments, & better incentives!!!

2009 Lincoln MKS

I love this car

2009-01-03 20:54:05

Just bought MKS in August-great car classy features radio with sirius and sinc is great -leather interior-runs great- sporty and luxurury at same time-owned Aviator and town cars in past -but the mks is the best of all-

2009 Lincoln MKS

Review of 2009 Lincoln MKS

2008-11-18 18:56:35

2009 Lincoln MKS

My first Lincoln is outstanding

2008-09-29 18:13:21

My wife and I were invited to a special unvieling of the new 2009 MKS at the local Lincoln dealership. The car was very impressive from the start.We really like the outside and inside styling. We purchased a Black and Black front wheel drive model with the Ulimate package. The chrome accents really set off the outside appearance. The interior comfort and styling is as good or better than any Lexus that I have driven. The leather seating surfaces are first class and the electronic options are mind boggling. The THX2 surround sound system is the best I have ever heard in an automobile. I have about 1700 miles on the car and gas mileage is at aprox 21 mpg. I am very pleased so far with this car and would reccomend it highly to anyone who is looking for a luxury sedan at a reasonable price.

2009 Lincoln MKS


2008-09-16 23:17:27

Just leased a 2009 Lincoln MKS, I've driven many Japanese and German cars in my life time. I've had SUV's and convertables too. But this is the very best car of all I've ever driven. Lincoln has realy done their home work on this project. The MKS may not be as quick or as fast as another, ******** bigger. May not be as classier, ******** compettatively priced. And best of all, it runs on regular fuel and the ensurance premium is very very reasonable. I can't wait for the 2010 turbo MKS too. If you want a car that commands respect on the road, safe, solid as a Mercedes, Fast, gets loads of attention, and can haul five people very comfortably then look no where else but a Lincoln show room for the MKS.

2009 Lincoln MKS

Lincoln MKS

2008-08-22 10:34:14

I have the MKS since July and its a great looking and handling vehical.The options are the best i,ve seen in any vehical and to many to mention. I constantly am complimented by everyone who sees the car it's a beauty .

2009 Lincoln MKS

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