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5.0 out of 5

Absolutely Awesome

2009-07-30 23:28:42

I am 6'2, and this car fits me like a glove. I can scare cars at the stop lights that cost three and four times as much. The handling is unbelievable - like a go-kart. My only complaint is a slight hesitation when first pushing the gas. but having the tip-tronic is priceless. Fahrvergnuegen!

2008 Volkswagen R32

Review of 2008 Volkswagen R32

2009-01-24 23:15:41

Daily driver. Brilliant in snow (Zero Neros). Absolutely nuetral in slide, pops out with blip of throttle. Hard to explain, but the car quivers when you start it up. Exhaust note perfect. Other drivers of high performance cars will race you, even if you have grey hair and have no interest. Esp. Cadillacs. Deep rooted insecurities I suppose. I ignore them, and they vanish in the distance. Then drive past them pulled over by the State Patrol. Smile. First car since my Jensen-Healy that gives me the same rush as sailing an International 10 sq m sailing canoe, Int Moth, or I 14. Turns every drive into a discreet adventure, while remaing grey, so the guys in the Mitsubishis that are coloured red get stopped. 4 options for tranny fun. Gas Mileage not bad. More fun by far than our late tt. I'm stoked.

2008 Volkswagen R32

More fun than Corvetts or Mustangs

2008-10-17 10:58:49

I have 2 Z-06 Corvettes and 2 Mustangs (one is a supercharged Roush) and this R-32 is the daily driver. I saw mine on the showroom floor and asked a few questions about it as my New Beatle diesel was being serviced. I took a test drive and drove it home that day. It is only 2 seconds slower than my 2002 Z-06 to 60 mph. Great stereo and a great overall car. Fit and finish is top shelf. I got a red one and it's a blast to drive. The exhaust note is Ferrari like I think.

2008 Volkswagen R32

Review of 2008 Volkswagen R32

2008-08-07 15:38:52

probably the best recommendation for the R32 is that my wife bought one also. his and her R32s. the neighbors hate us now. if you have two, i suppose the blue one doesn't look as gaudy. my gray one is sedate enough, until you use a few of the horses. i am told that my R32 can be heard for blocks away if i am in a hurry. comfort is as good as my old audi, maybe better. the seat is perfect for my frame, it helps to be smaller than bigger, and the precision of the R32 makes the dream of a cayman go away. 30 some grand will buy as much comfort, safety and fun as a car costing double the R32. and 4998 other people agree.

2008 Volkswagen R32


2007-12-11 09:06:16

awesome car...as good as my porsche boxster

2008 Volkswagen R32

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