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4.5 out of 5

will never trade the 2008 in ...best reliable car I have ever owned for hard commuting

2015-10-03 20:27:46

Few know the Yaris in early 2000s was already selling in europe...the europeans went gaga for it in the blue collar world. I watched the campaign to bring it here all thru 2005---and then it arrived in 2007 on american soil. after watching it for a year I bought a 2008 before they were everywhere...have the center odomer console...best safety design ever for paying attention to the road and scanning mirrors.....so sad the folks here could not adapt to that...such a smart thing rather then be distracted in hard traffic by having to look down and then over....the 2008 its all in one wise glance....think what is really sad is how the design after 2008 just got crummy...gas milage dropped and toyota well who are they fooling...they use that to make up for getting rid of their matrix which was one damn damn good car..and now is morphed into the prius c.......so bottom line...I will never ever sell or trade in my workhorse...I keep the belt on regular scheduled change ....i have 130000 miles on my car...full synthetic oil....and had struts and shocks done....i fly on eucopias and am still evaluating them...I find it fascinating and comforting that you hardly ever see a 2008 on a lot for resale....i suspect that the yaris is a distant cousin to the awesome little thing called the metro that chevy should have kept on making.....but hey no fat profits in it they thought...too bad and shame on toyota for messing with the basics of the yaris...not half the car it was when first born..yep i hard commute 60 miles a day and more....and have since 2008.....ps my yaris went from oregon to florida and had more power going over the rockies then the fancy expensive cars....i should have bought a fleet of 2008's when i thought about damn it.

2008 Toyota Yaris

Love our Yaris

SeeLws 2009-02-15 10:18:12

it gets over 43 mpg.. Inexpensive to maintain. Comfortable.

2008 Toyota Yaris

This Baby is Sweet!!!

Momsue43 2009-01-09 14:31:45

Bought 3 door hatchback for Granddaugther for Xmas- she got her license today 1-9-09 and she is thrilled with it. This baby is sweet, all you need to get around and safety is a plus. Great car for a teenager or an adult. Looked at all the small cars and the Yaris was the best deal. Got it used with 9800 miles on it for a great price. Would recommand Altantic Toyota In Lynn, great dealership. Added Alarm and Remote start. Great milage. If purchasing new I would have gotten the S trim package. Just love everything about it. Just might trade in my Mercery sable for another Yaris.

2008 Toyota Yaris

I truly adore my Yaris!!

AOL user 2008-11-03 22:03:57

My Yaris is my first car and I don't think I could have got anything better. I've only had one major problem with it and that was the fact that my CD player stopped working the first couple of days I got it. But other than that I love ******** very stylish and trendy, even though it dosent have automatic door locks and windows but I'm a college student so I'm working on saving money to get the alarm put on it. I would advise this car for anybody and since the gas is so high now this car would be a great gas saver. In the last month I've had to travel from beaumont texas to houston texas and back for school. I fill up my gas tank before I leave houston to go back to beaumont. My tank would stay on full all the way until I get into beaumont and then it would only go down one notch from the six that or gas reader has up. But wait that not it, beaumont and houston are 80 miles apart! So I would drive 80 miles before my gas notch would move! It does not get any better than the yaris...

2008 Toyota Yaris

Love to drive my Yaris but...

Kristie31 2008-11-02 07:37:57

I went from a Honda Civic (was stolen) into a Yaris. I looked at the Nissan Versa, the Honda Fit, and the Chevy Aveo. The Yaris was the most affordable and it came in Sedan. I did not want a hatchback. I am happy with my new baby. I put on a little over 1000 miles since purchasing it 9/20/08. It is very comfortable, roomy, and easy to drive. I had a little trouble getting used to it at first..you can't see the hood when you are driving. After driving my Honda for so many years, it took me some time to judge while I was driving. I have 2 complaints, the ABS feel a bit "mushy" for lack of a better word and the exhaust system is quite noisy and it rattles a bit when you accelerate. I feel like I already need a new exhaust system. I do miss the quiet purr of my Honda.

2008 Toyota Yaris

2008 Toyota Yaris, I love mine!

GAFFORDP 2008-11-01 11:08:04

I drive 26 miles 1 way to work. Not a major highway. I get 36 miles per gallon consistently! I am always getting comments on how cute it is. My husband was so impressed with mine, he decided to get him one as well. His is a beautiful bright blue and mine is an awesome black with sparkles and tinted windows on both. Wish I would have ****************. Got a really good deal at Superior Toyota in Kansas City, MO.

2008 Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris Hatchback

MrshMrt 2008-11-01 10:35:36

THis car is great!! I am getting 41 to 44 miles a gallon for in the city and on the highway combined.

2008 Toyota Yaris

One year old Yaris

gk00000010618896 2008-11-01 10:02:45

The only quality complaint I had about the 3 door hatch back Yaris is a little visable rust on the muffler. The hanger is rusting and the rust is running down the side of the Yaris. I wish the Yaris came with the option of a built in pop up Garmin navigation system with back up camera. But I lucked out. By installing a navigation system on the dash, behind the steering wheel, my navigation system is in a easy to view place. Since my Garman navigation system gives easy to read road speed, I do not have to turn my head sideways to look at the center dash gages as often. When moving to Ohio, I filled the Yaris almost to the roof with stuff, and still got 35 MPG on the interstate. Plus I was able to put most of the new stuff I bought for my new place inside of the back. The low hatch makes loading and unloading easy. I like the Yaris for it's Europen style narrow body and high roof. I do not hit my head on the door frame like I did getting in my Ford Escort. I wish the Yaris had come with the option of rear wheel hybrid regenerative breaking/drive system. But then I may not have been able to afford it. I have looked into adding that as a after market option. I was surprised with the duel front wheel drive. Aids in the bad weather driving I have to do. But all wheel drive is better in really bad weather and really bad parking spaces.

2008 Toyota Yaris

WE LOVE OUR TOYOTA YARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EMendi0000 2008-11-01 09:34:26

We went looking at small cars and saw this Yaris on the sales lot and immediatly knew this was exactly what we were looking for. We bought it that day and drove it home!!! Our dealer said they can't keep them on the lot. It was the only one on the lot that day. As soon as the truck arrives @ the dealership, people are buying them off the truck. Ours is red, with window tint and aluminum wheels, this car is fun and sporty. We enjoy riding in it so much, we leave the BMW at home!! Mileage has been great too, we pass alot of gas pumps, no need to stop. Toyota has built a winner in this little car. We also have folks asking about this car, almost every day. No regrets purchasing this one!! Our advise to you, buy yourself one too!!!!

2008 Toyota Yaris

Review of 2008 Toyota Yaris

AOL user 2008-11-01 07:32:57

Great little car , we ended up buying two. They are great on gas milage 38 on trips.

2008 Toyota Yaris

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