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4.0 out of 5

Avalon Flaws

2010-11-30 16:04:21

Would be a great vehicle if not for GPS and brakes. The gps is just sad. Hard to use, not user friendly and when you find out how to use the basics it can't find many places you need. Very poor design. Toyota should have just used Garmin technology. Front brake rotors warp too easily. Had the same problem with my Tundra. Time for them to recall and fix this weakness.

2008 Toyota Avalon

A Pretender

2009-12-17 14:22:47

Poor handling, unlit controls(fun at night), when it's given gas a long pause before kicking in, lots of plastic, all though Consumer Reports thinks it's wood, these are the things of a luxury car? Very sorry for my purchase.

2008 Toyota Avalon

A Fine Car: Top Value

2009-01-19 17:37:18

The Avalon delivers on luxury and reliability for less than 30K. The seats are roomy, comfortable, with high quality interior furnishings. The highway MPG is 30+, city MPG is 16. Toyota reliability is evident everywhere. The trunk is spacious. It handles well in all sorts of weather and roads. Exterior noise is non-existent. For a large car the performance and pickup are adequate. My only negative is that the clock is hidden behind the wheel such that the driver has to glance around the wheel to see it. The Avalon is very Lexus-like.

2008 Toyota Avalon

Try it you'll like it.

2008-12-21 22:05:36

Bought an 08 Alalon LTD Over a year ago. Love it. Didn't get navigation. Duh. Everyone knew it sucked back then. Get a Garmin for 200 bucks and use it in all your cars. The stability control is magic. Same as my old FJ. I don't see how you could get crossed up. I've tried. I drive pretty hard and average around 28 mpg overall.

2008 Toyota Avalon


2008-12-21 21:53:48

I love my Avalon and it's my third. Just one question though: It seems to me that each year the milage rating slips. I think that my Avalon 2000 was getting 30-31 on the highway, my 2002 was getting 30, and my 2006 is getting 28-29 on the highway. What's with Toyota? Why is this very good car falling down in the miage deppartment just when milage is more important than ever?

2008 Toyota Avalon

All not good with the 2008 Avalon

2008-11-03 14:01:25

Although there is some good to say about the Avalon there is defiantly much bad to write about it. Having bought the Limited Series I was surprised to find that the GPS system was substandard to say the least. Unlike the Camray which is touch screened capable, the Avalon has an antiquated toggle switch system which takes at least one Engineering Degree. And of course if you are on the highway and your friend needs to find something for you, you have to pull to the side of the thruway to set the GPS. Just hope a passing car does not hit you. The remote starter on the Avalon with the keyless entry is another nightmare. Not only doesn't it run long enough (to actually clear the ice off your window) but if you open the door it immediately shuts off and you have to restart the car. And the real doozy? If for any reason your keyless unit (the part that you have to keep in your pocket or purse to start the car) fails due a dead battery or other malfunction, you have no way to start your car. You are then stranded without being able to start your car. No there is no back up way to start your car. This is indeed the poorest engineered Avalon since its inception. For at least $10,000 less you can get the Camray and although it has lost some of its luster it is much better than the so called flag ship of Toyota.

2008 Toyota Avalon

You just have to love the new Buick Avalon

2008-11-03 11:46:25

It's just so FUGLY only an American could love it.

2008 Toyota Avalon

Avalon 2008--What a disappointment, piece of junk!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-10-27 09:01:58

I brought a 2008 Avalon in July and its been back to the dealership 4 times for warranty work. The quality control on the vehicle was terrible. The vehicle had a broken light lense (a inch by inch piece was actually missing), a warped overhead light counsel, the spoiler was loose and the trunk was creased. I've driven Toyotas almost exclusively for the past 22 years and based my decision to buy a new vehicle solely on the great satisfaction I've had in the past. But with this one I'm not sure if the drive train is going to be as problematic as the rest of the vehicle; I've lost all faith in the Toyota brand and its reputation for quality. I drive a Ford at work and am much more confident with that than with the new Avalon; bet most of you have never heard that from a loyal Toyota driver. BUYER BEWARE!

2008 Toyota Avalon


2008-08-18 21:07:17

Just purchase a 2008 Toyota Avalon XLS and I am totally in love with this car. Sorry to say that Toyota provides a superior product over the American made cars. Everything is done for you so all you have to do is drive. Headlights automatically adjust to lighting conditions, windshield wipers, automatically adjust to driving speed and weather conditions, individual climate controls for driver and passengers, provides info on outside temperature, has a compass on rear-view mirror, trunk is super spacious, loads of leg room in rear, has 8 settings for driver's seat, surround sound audio, pick-up is super, brakes excellent, UV treated tinted glass, quietess vehicle I have ever driven, handles those terribly torn up streets of New York like as if they didn't exist! Can't say enough about how much I love this car.

2008 Toyota Avalon

EPA rarings not accurate

2008-08-12 10:20:47

I got the car in Sept and drove to Pittsburgh and back. Mileage back was over 33mpg. I have had only one fillup where the milage was less than 30 overall with considerable local driving. Highest was 300 mile trip from Rochester NY-37 mpg door ro door. I did not need to go 55mph to do this. If you have a heavy foot, yes it will use gas, but I can't imagine how I could get as low as 19 which is the EPA city rating. This is a wonderful car, who needs a hybrid with this mileage in a really comfortable, full sized and powerful car like this. One complaint: very little flexibility on options or packages.

2008 Toyota Avalon

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