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4.5 out of 5

The EX35 is Great!

2009-01-10 23:03:21

I have 18,000 miles on my EX35. I have never enjoyed a car as much. It is extremely comfortable and a joy to drive. The all-around camera for parking is fantastic. My wife and I are empty-nesters, so back seat use is not important, but on those occasions when I have had a rear seat passenger, the leg room is very limited. I average above 25 mpg on the highway.

2008 Infiniti EX35

from Maxima to EX35

2008-12-16 18:28:14

Love this smaller version of the FX 35....space to hold five and much better on gas... have traveled from NYC to North Carolina ,using the manual mode and great mileage one wouldn't believe...not much storage.But when my son went to college in Mass. this fall I thought he had everything this ride but the kitchen sink.....If you want a smaller crossover this car is the one....Had three Maxima's before, going to Infiniti...think I will stay with them for awhile.....

2008 Infiniti EX35

EX35 vs X3

2008-11-06 21:52:23

I came out of BMW X3 which I loved - but unfortunately my daughter needed dramamine as a passenger (literally). It turned on a dime and was turning almost before I turned the wheel - it was so responsive. But it certainly was not a smooth ride. As a driver, I always knew where I was going but passengers didn't, so they felt they were on a roller coaster. Probably it is the way I drive. I am alone in a car 90% of the time so it was okay by me. But the lease was up and my daughter insisted I look at other cars so I did. She liked the FX35 but I didn't - ride was nearly as rough as the X3s - and if I was going to get that car, I preferred the X3. Then I saw the EX35 and test drove it. It is much quicker than the X3 and the ride was much smoother. Its smaller than the X3 but that was okay as I am alone 90% of the time. It is a very good 1 or 2 person car (up to 4 for a short ride). The handling is very good but it is not nearly as good as the X3s. Brakes are good but not as good as the X3s. The leather is better in the EX35 and the seats more comfortable. And there lots of gadgets! Trunk space is half the X3s and there are not many cubbyholes for small item storage. I miss that. Car could definitely use more little storage spaces inside car and in trunk. Gas mileage is very similar to X3s. If I turned off a/c and stuck at 60 mph, I can get close to 30 mpg. But at 80 mph and with a/c on, you'll get 24 - 25 mpg on highway. Around town, I get about 19 mpg. But the power is awesome. Accelerating hard from 45 mph throws me back in seat and is a rush (scares my daughter). Lots of power! X3 would have run me about $100.00/mo more and another $3K out of pocket. I got a good deal on my car.

2008 Infiniti EX35

Review of 2008 Infiniti EX35

2008-08-07 16:08:00

EX-35 IS A GREAT CAR! A true 26 mpg all around driving..nearly 30 on road trips. Love the power...rides like a champ..

2008 Infiniti EX35


2008-05-24 05:14:10


2008 Infiniti EX35

Review of 2008 Infiniti EX35

2008-04-20 01:18:36

Nice features, ride and quickness. Gas mileage is not the greatest.

2008 Infiniti EX35

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