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5.0 out of 5


2011-07-16 14:35:40

I bought the Infinti G35 Journey, 2 weeks ago, after much research of several cars in the catagory. I have to honestly say it is among, if not the finest vehicle(s) My wife and I have ever owned! It is: 1. Fast! Incredible speed for a "family" car. 2. Beautiful!! (Inside and Out)) When we brought it home several of the neighbors came over and had nothing but great comments about how "pretty","sweet", etc. (even without the neighborhood contingent ,we think it is gorgeous! 3. The Tech Stuff! Navigation,bluetooth(speaker phone),keyless entry, voice command of many of the functions,MP3,Compact flash,DVD,CD,the list goes on and on.(we're still learning what this baby can do!) 4. Did I mention Fast? Quick ,responsive,nimble (I am constantly fighting the urge to "punch it" although, I have had to do so for passing purposes of course :- ) As you can probably discern, I (we) really like the G35. And the kicker is that it is preowned! It looks remarkably like the 2010 G37! Many folks think we have purchased a brand new, 2010/2011 Infinti! As far as the roominess, I'm 6'1'' and I have ample room up front and decent room in the rear, and I am by no means a "small" guy So......I don't usually give advise, but if any of the above may be of interest to you, take my advise and test drive the Infinti G35, and see for yourself! You'll be posting too!

2007 Infiniti G35

Why buy a 3-series????

2008-10-08 20:58:57

Living in Washington, DC, I see SO many BMW 3-series, which are more expensive, smaller, and only the high-end 3's can hang with my G35 sedan's performance. The 3-seris has an air of "I am trying to appear successful but I live at home with my parents", while the G35 sedan boasting 306 HP to the rear wheels, handles tremendously, is well-appointed, has a longer wheel-base, and gets a heck of a lot more looks than the BMW or the Audi A4 which appear "small" next to the G. I went from a Lexus GS and absolutely love the G35, though the 2008-9 models' new higher profile wheel setup is not nearly as appealing as the stock on the 07's. Great car!!!

2007 Infiniti G35

Review of 2007 Infiniti G35

2008-05-13 12:01:22

beautiful and fun car to drive. love it.

2007 Infiniti G35

Review of 2007 Infiniti G35

2007-12-23 02:31:43

blast to drive. great handling and more power than you need!!!! highly reccomend this vehicle

2007 Infiniti G35


2007-12-15 09:41:59


2007 Infiniti G35

Best car I've owned

2007-11-25 03:26:04

I had 4 Nissan Maximas before this car. A dream to drive. Handles beautifully. Have had several comments about the "hot looking car".

2007 Infiniti G35

the HOT G35

2007-11-24 02:08:07

the car is beautiful, stylish, get looks everywhere you go. supreme performance and a ton of fun

2007 Infiniti G35

I Agree About the Poor Service

2007-09-28 11:13:26

I brought my G35 Coupe from Baker Infiniti in Charleston, SC. I took it in for it's first servicing and was told it would only take an hour. Four hours later they had not even started working on it. They did not seem concerned...you know that Charleston attitude....LOL. I certainly will never put one foot on Baker Infiniti soil again.

2007 Infiniti G35

Love the car, I have had 3 but dealership service is BAD

2007-09-28 08:06:00

I have had three G35 coupes. My current one is a 2007. Love the cars and have had little trouble, but both dealerships in my area have terrible service. So I don't think I will buy another one.

2007 Infiniti G35

Review of 2007 Infiniti G35

2007-09-13 10:10:00

I drove BMWs for many years. When I drove the G35 Sport I knew it was the car I wanted, Love it.

2007 Infiniti G35

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