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4.0 out of 5

Highly Recommend This Car

2012-03-30 09:40:06

I got this car new for my 16th birthday after looking at many SUVs and Crossovers. Not only does this car have great exterior styling, but the interior is amazing as well. As others have said, the backup camera is outstanding. Some people say the leather seating is a little stiff, but in no way is it as stiff as a BMW. Riding in the BMW X3 feels like sitting on rocks. I tested the FX35, Mercedes-Benz ML350, BMW X3, and Audi Q7 but I always kept coming back to the Infiniti. I have never had an engine or electrical problem with it, which has been a huge bonus since the Mercedes we have owned have had multiple problems. The only complaint I would have is the wide turning radius (making it very difficult to U-turn in tight spaces), but any decent driver is able to handle this. The engine is powerful and quick. Along with this, the car just looks beautiful going down the road. Everyone turns and looks as I fly by because the styling is just so unique to Infiniti. I would highly recommend this car to anybody.

2007 Infiniti FX35

Review of 2007 Infiniti FX35

2007-11-19 06:50:35

2007 Infiniti FX35

Great car if you don't have to transport kids

2007-10-10 12:25:06

Everything about this car is great if you don't have children. Climbing in the back seat to load a car seat with a 25 pound kid isn't easy. Especially if you have long legs. You'll be the sharpest looking mom at the playground until it's time to load up :)

2007 Infiniti FX35


2007-08-18 02:47:48

After looking at so many crossover I kept going back to look at the Infiniti knowing that is what I wanted. Looks smart, feels great and has the pick up go taht is required when on the highway. Its the best move I made when I bought and glad I didn't try to save a buck. The FX35 drives like a lucuxry car but acts like a sport machine. My friends go nuts over the back up camera. If you want a car that makes people head turn than what are you waiting for. This is yo car! People look when you drive up and typically all say "WOW"

Gas milage isn't that bad. Average stop at a service station is $50.00 which gives me 300 miles. If your concerned about MRP than why are you looking at this car. I typically make an average of 18 in the city and 20 on the highway.

If you pass this up than you made the biggest mistake ever! You will want two next time!!!!

2007 Infiniti FX35

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