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Sprinter 3500 Breaks down in 1st 200 miles

2007-11-01 11:39:32

The biggest problem with the Sprinter Van is finding a Dodge dealer who will/can work on it.

I drove a Sprinter 2500 for two years (31,000 miles) and it took a major effort to find a Dodge dealer who would even change the oil. My one warranty claim required a 450 mile round trip to Kellogg, Idaho to Dave Smith Dodge. Their service department botched the repair on the fuel filler vent pipe.

Even though it was under warranty, this dealer tried to make me pay them over $100 for the repair. Only serious protestations eventually stopped them from holding my vehicle for ransom until I paid.

The next time I tried to fill the fuel tank, the problem they were supposed to have fixed (fuel vent line not hooked up properly)still persisted. It took forever to pump in 20 gallons of diesel and a half gallon or more would end up on my shoes or the pavement from splash back. I finally paid a mechanic friend of mine to fix it,

PROBLEM WITH NEW 3500: I paid the dealer to deliver the 3500 to me in Arizona (about 220 miles from the dealer I purchased it from). The engine quit about 200 miles into this maiden voyage about a week ago (today is 11/01/2007). The driver sat on the emergency shoulder for 10 minutes and then was able to restart the vehicle and get partial power --- enough to get it to Arizona where I took delivery.

I slept in it that night and the next morning, the engine would start and run for about 8 seconds and shut down. After 50 tries, I called the Warranty phone number. There was a Dodge dealer in Blythe, Calif. (about 6 miles away) but as with over 90% of the dealers; he was not authorized to work on the Sprinter. They had to tow the van OVER 200+ miles to a dealer who could do the repairs. Today is one week since the breakdown and they still cannot tell me what is wrong with the Van -- much less repair it.

Very unacceptable! DON'T BUY A SPRINTER! You'll regret it.

I don;t know when/if I will get it back so I can use it.

2007 Dodge Sprinter Van 3500

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