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2010-08-16 17:22:06

The Jaguar people have now become the class of the industry. They design the best rounded, best balanced performing car on the road. The XJ's now have a solid history of 10+ years of the highest workmanship, parts and then fit them together into the smoothest package. JD Power doesn't lie Jag is the top in their newest reporting for the past three years with other companies at best tying Jag for the top spot. Some people in reviews stated that front brakes may squeak...this occurs when non-Jag brake pads are added during brake service. Use the Jag parts, don't skimp they cost at most 10% more. Then there are the used car prices..buy the returned lease or certified car and get the 100k mile warranty for $25/$40k and then compare the operating costs to an Accord. The accord gets lower gas milage than the Jag big beauty (due in large part to Jags wonderful all aluminum body, chassis and engine weight reduction.) And also consider when comparing to a Prius whose cadmium lithium batteries are non-recycleable and become a land fill nightmare. The Jag XJ has been made from 50% or more recycled aluminum and fully 50% of the car if recyclable. They have brought this number up to 80% for the 2010 models....yes lets have all of us Eco minded people driving Jags and garaging the Accords and passing on Prius'es until they also join the world of reusable parts and materials. Buy the Jag and love the car....they are tops for reliability (JD Power) and when you cruise down the highway getting 30-32 mpg...smile at those other cruisers who's "27 mpg" really meant 24 mpg, all from the cabin of your beautiful Jag.

2006 Jaguar XJ

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