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4.5 out of 5

No Comparison to my old Honda Pilot

2007-10-15 12:47:21

The CD player broke, replaced under warranty. Now the radio doesn't work; no longer under warranty. My driver side window stopped operating; the switch was replaced under warranty. You guessed it - the rear passenger window now won't go up; no longer under warranty; replacement part is around $500. Decided to just have it put up permanently. My tire pressure light is constantly on. When I have them turn it off, I get about 20 miles away before it turns on again. Nothing found to be wrong with the gauge or the pressure. So I live with it. The factory supplied tires needed to be replaced at 30,000 miles! I find that ridiculous. I had the '01 Honda Pilot before this and there simply is no comparison. The Pilot could pull a U-turn in a smaller radius than my husband's Acura coupe - I kid you not. While the Pilot is bigger and wider, it drives smaller. I feel the handling and comfort was far superior in the Pilot. The vision out the windows was perfect. Pilot has a bigger towing capacity - 4500; Highlander - 3000. Oh, I had a 6 cylinder Pilot and now I have a 4 cylinder Highlander. My gas mileage is now 2 mpg worse. I find that remarkable since also the Pilot is bigger. Also the Pilot has a better layout inside - more usable space, twice the compartment space,(I know this because when I traded one for the other I had no place to put half the stuff that was put away in the Pilot.) Better cupholders, outlet plugs in the back, separate heating/ cooling functions for rear passengers, more cargo space, integrated garage door opener function are all offered in the Pilot, not in the Highlander. The single thing that impressed me by the Highlander was how well designed that 4 cyl engine is. I couldn't believe how quick I accelerate into traffic. I was in need for a replacement and Honda just doesn't offer incentives. They don't budge on price. Toyota has always had a good reputation and their end of year clearance gave me a $28K SUV for $20.8K. But in '08 I'm going back to Honda

2005 Toyota Highlander

My faorite car ever

2007-09-14 02:54:00

I bought my 2008 Toyota Highlander in the Blizzard Pearl...and I LOVE IT! It is the best car I have ever had so far, and I have had many cars in my years. the handling is so nice and smooth, the power is great, I haven't found anything wrong so far. Great job Toyota.

2005 Toyota Highlander

Review of 2005 Toyota Highlander

2007-08-19 11:17:32


2005 Toyota Highlander

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