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2004 Toyota Corolla from driving it off the show room floor.

2011-05-14 03:39:04

My vehicle has always given great gas milage typically over 33mph on the road to about 26 mpg in the slower city traffic. When I bought it I wanted all the bells ansd whistles including a super looking sun roof that tilts up with air guard in front of it and, you can just close the interior cover to completely hide the sun roof. I have always thought to get the oil changed every 3k miles so, it will get all the maintanence checks, inspections and, get the tires checked and rotated with the oil change. This is a great way to keep your vehicle in top notch condition. We also are safe drivers who drive the car normally and, don't put very many miles on it on a yearly basis. It is just 7 miles to work 5 days a week then it rests on the weekends so, that is why we still have a great low milage car with solid value behind it. Carfax reports on this car will only show the many service appointments to get the oil changed and tires rotated. Car still looks pretty new even today because we would wash and wax every few weeks and, always kept the car in the garage here in florida. It has never left our state since we purchased it new.

2004 Toyota Corolla

Review of 2004 Toyota Corolla

2007-08-12 11:24:11

2004 Toyota Corolla

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