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Very SAD about my BAD Chevy Tacker...

cmmdesigns1 2010-12-05 21:32:01

OK Here is the Deal, I got my car brand new in 2004 Chevy tracker w/ the help of my dad & Grandpa. They both worked for GM & helped w/ the employee discount. I LOVED MY CAR BEFORE NOW. - Roll the clock ahead to 2010. My tracker only has 40,000+ miles & has never been in an accident. Oct came I paid my last payment on it (ahead of time). I was SO excited, because I have been unemployed for a while now, doing so temporary jobs when I can. Three day after my final payment, Started my Chevy Tracker Nightmare. My headlights was on the entire time would go off, but bad just wait...Blinkers stopped working, flashers still worked, stopped the car at a light turned it off turned it back on, then it wouldn't come out of park, car was towed 30miles home, this was fixed....Then the speedometer stopped working! UGH! Used my garmin, until I could afford to fix my Tracker. IN THE MEANTIME...The Tracker gas tank won't take gas correctly, I have to hold the gas nozzle so it barley drips-in or it over-flows. OH This Tracker is done causing me mentally of monetarily. Now there is something draining the Battery, & needed AAA to jump it 3 times so far & now I need to take the positive cable off the Battery, so I still have a charge in the mornings. I need my car to get to get to job interviews! The Craziest thing is in 2001 all we could afford was a used Daewoo (not a microwave) but the Lanos car. My husband is still driving it, and it has 2x the mileage. It's probably good they stopped making Chevy Tackers.

2004 Chevrolet Tracker

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