2003 Lincoln Navigator Reviews

2003 Navigator New Car Test Drive


Large SUVs are extremely popular for their ability to carry lots of people and a decent amount of cargo. However, because they are based on trucks, they have left a lot to be desired in the handling department. They have never delivered a rewarding driving experience due to a rough ride and/or sloppy steering and handling. If you're using a large SUV strictly for its utility this does not really matter, but more and more people are buying a luxury SUV as an alternative to a large luxury sedan. 

No manufacturer has been able to produce a large luxury SUV with anywhere near decent handling. Cynics would say that's impossible as no large tank built on a truck chassis could even be made to handle like a nimble small sedan. The laws of physics work against it. 

Until now that is. 

Amazingly, Lincoln engineers have taken a truck chassis and totally reengineered it such that the new 2003 Lincoln Navigator does handle and ride much like a large luxury sedan. 

Now if you need to carry up to eight passengers and/or cargo and enjoy the experience as a driver, you can. Even those who do not like large SUVs have to be impressed with what Lincoln has done. The fact that many of the engineers who worked on this vehicle came from Jaguar is no coincidence. 


Navigator is available with two-wheel drive or all-wheel-drive. All models come with the same 300-horsepower 5.4-liter V8 engine and four-speed automatic transmission. 

All Navigators have the same interior loaded with a host of standard features. 

Three versions are available, Luxury, Premium and Ultimate. Features such as advanced traction control and power folding rear seats are standard on the Ultimate model but optional on others. The power running boards shown in the commercials are optional only on the Ultimate model. Prices begin from just under $49,000 and rise to over $60,000. 

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