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4.5 out of 5

Great but for the front brakes

2007-10-30 12:13:00

I have had the Xterra since buying ti new in January 2002. I Love it for the most part. The 4 wheel drive is easy to engage, I ski alot and have used it for Mammoth Mountain as well as Lake Tahoe snow trips.

I still don't like the way the rear seats kind of fold down requiring that you remove the seats and put them in the way. My main complaint is that I have had to replace the breaks 3 times in 95,000 miles. They squeak with 60% left and continue to get worse until 5% which is when I replace them Two different dealers same pattern. I don't like the expense of replacing the in-cabin micro-filter either. It should be less than $75 to replace an air filter.

2002 Nissan Xterra


2007-09-04 11:30:55

my xterra is going to be hard to let go when it is time to look for a new vehicle. I have not had one single mechanical problem with this suv in the whole 5 years I have owned it. It drives and goes up hills like a ram charger and handles well and has the room i need for shopping and gardening ...and so accessible for removing all those gardening items. comfortable to drive and room for passengers including my grandsons car seat. I even picked up my overstuffed leather chair and carried it home in this truck!!!!!It has been a dream for me and I will once again look at xterra when I plan to get a new car. love it love it favorite vehicle I have ever owned.

2002 Nissan Xterra

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