2002 Cadillac DeVille Reviews

2002 DeVille New Car Test Drive


Cadillac DeVille turns heads, a handsome combination of European and American, of contemporary and traditional. 

This duality reaches clear to the core of the DeVille concept. At a normal driving pace, this is a big, comfortable, luxurious sedan. Push it hard and the DeVille feels like a big sports sedan, particularly the DTS model. Slam the throttle down and this car takes off like a rocket. 

Cadillac has achieved this duality by engineering a solid platform that can be extensively tailored to the individual buyer's tastes. Simply choose the model and options that suit your lifestyle and driving requirements. The result is like no Cadillac you've seen, or driven, before. 


The 2002 DeVille is offered in three distinct models: base DeVille retails for $42,590. 

DHS and DTS are both priced at $57,520. DHS stands for DeVille High-Luxury Sedan and DTS for DeVille Touring Sedan. Each has its own character and features. 

Of the three, the standard DeVille fells like the traditional Cadillac DeVille, balancing luxury and value. DHS and DTS depart from Cadillac's old ways. They share many features, but as their names imply, one stresses luxury while the other highlights a sportier driving experience. 

The base-level car and DHS come with a full bench front seat for six-passenger capacity, while the DTS has bucket front seats. The DeVille uses Cadillac's traditional digital instrumentation, while the DHS and DTS get the analog (dial) instruments that are sometimes preferred by enthusiast drivers. 

Even the Nuance leather on DHS and DTS models is designed to match the tastes of different buyers: Where the DHS has elegant gathered leather upholstery, the DTS has stretched perforated skins for a sporty look. Yet both offer a supple fit and feel. 

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