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vovlo v40 1999 a great car lousy engine

2009-04-19 02:39:37

A4dr Station **************************~Belgiuml~~Highway~Average~Family~Daily Commuting~other engine at 150 000 miles~~Hy Living in belgium i bought a 1999 volvo v40 1900 td driving in is great,safe and a good road aspect;;; Only the engine By RENAULT IS A CAPITAL MISTAKE by Volvo , now a days the new versions are made by AUDI ( the engine) at about 250 000kms yopu will have seroius problems with the engine By RENAULT, oil leakage,valve and other major problems, to tho fix this its expensive,and even after putting an 2 engine inside to rearange the engine,because on the diesel pump there is a chip that is corresponding with the car key so you have to rebuild the whole lot,also there are differend connections following the age of the engine so its a mojor overhaul. to close this review ;; VOLVO is a Great car and safe but chec please the engine first who is lying in,this because VOLVO is not making Diesel engine s the buy them from other factory s PS the performance of the engine is very poor thanks to RENAULT~false

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