2019 Toyota Supra to be revealed at the Detroit Auto Show

And we mean a real reveal. Probably. Finally.

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We're not sure about you, dear reader, but there have been times that we've not been sure Toyota would ever actually show us the production 2019 Toyota Supra. I mean, we've been looking at concepts and camouflaged cars since early 2014 when the FT-1 was shown at Detroit. We've even driven the thing and still haven't really seen it. But it looks like we finally have a reveal date: January 2019 at the Detroit Auto Show.

The date comes to us from Toyota of Germany and One of the forum's users noticed in the comments of a video announcing the car's order date in Germany that Toyota of Germany replied to a user asking about the car with the show date. It doesn't get much more official outside of a press release or statement from the company.

The Detroit show will be a fitting location for the car's reveal, too, since, as we mentioned, it's where the FT-1 concept made its debut. It's amazing to think that five years have passed since that reveal and we're seeing the results for the first time. So mark your calendars, book your tickets and grab a warm winter coat, Supra fans.

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