This 2018 Mercedes-AMG G63 limousine will stop bullets

It will only set you back a cool $1.2 million

The standard Mercedes-Benz G-Class already feels nigh indestructible. From the weight of the doors to the firm ride, the whole thing feels like it was carved from one solid piece of steel. Still, we're not too sure it could stop bullets. That's where upfitters like Canada's Inkas come in, with its $1.2 million armored and stretched G63. We suppose a regular armored G-Class or S-Class wasn't roomy enough.

This G-Wagen is listed as a limousine on Inkas' site. Its 172.2-inch wheelbase is 60 inches longer than a standard G63. Its armor can withstand 7.62mm bullets or a blast from a grenade. Based on the video, it looks like there are red and blue lights fitted on the exterior, too. The wheelbase might be detrimental to the G-Wagen's breakover angle, but it's still plenty capable of escaping on or off-road thanks to its ground clearance, four-wheel drive system and that wonderful 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8. We're sure it needs the grunt to move an SUV that likely has the mass of a dying star.

As with most of these high-end armored vehicles, the upgrades go much further than just some additional plating and ballistic glass. The interior resembles a small, high-end theater thanks to its 4K Ultra HD television and Apple TV. The reclining seats are fitted with Alcantara, and the bar underneath the TV features a chiller. The lights in the headliner are adjustable and intended to simulate real sunlight. Customers can also option things like a custom audio system.

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