Even Ken Block gets scared sometimes.

The video above shows Ken Block talking about his juiced-up 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR V2 he's using to scream and slide his way up the road to Pikes Peak for his upcoming "Climbkhana" video. The all-wheel-drive Hoonicorn has been equipped with two turbochargers and is fed methanol to boost output from about 850 horsepower to the current 1,400 wild ponies.

"I have to say that it's a bit frightening," Block says on camera. He talks about the challenge of the fast shifting required by this engine revving up to the redline so quickly with all four tires spinning.

"It spins the tires so fast, the things that I'm used to doing with an all-wheel-drive car – how I point the wheels, how much gas I give to tighten up or change a line – it actually doesn't work with this car right now. I have to relearn this because I'm about to go to a very scary mountain and play at the edge of a road that's very dangerous, and I need to understand that wheelspin and how the car will react."

Hence the testing.

The extra power is necessary, according to Block, because of the altitudes of "Climbkhana." Pikes Peak is at an altitude above 14,000 feet. He wonders, though, if they maybe made the car too powerful. Take a look at the video above to judge for yourself, and be sure to read our Q&A with Ken Block himself and check back on Monday for "Climbkhana."

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