Watch woodpecker's whirlwind tour of Chicago while perched on car door

Humankind – a known purveyor of cute cat and baby videos – has posted an extremely cute video of a bird hitching a ride through Chicago on a man's car. The bird, perhaps a yellow-bellied sapsucker or another species of woodpecker - "I think he's a woodpecker," says the man - perched on the car's door right outside of the driver's window as it cruised down a busy downtown street. The unidentified driver rolled the window down and started a short conversation with the bird, asking if he'd like to see some of the city. Our man took the bird's silence for agreement, and off they went.

In the video, the kindly Chicagoan kept up a running commentary, alternately asking the bird how he was doing and pointing out landmarks – including the Honorable Richard J. Daley Plaza where they've got that Picasso. At one point, perhaps tired of the wind and rain, the bird hopped into the car and perched on the driver's arm. Unfortunately, there's no word on what happened after the video, since the recording stopped moments after the bird came inside. I can only assume that the bird tipped his driver well afterward.

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