On this week's podcast, Reese Counts and David Gluckman are in a huddle room (again), because the studio was still taken (again). We talk about yet another Nissan Sentra, introduce our newest long-term car, and then run through most of the New York show debuts. The episode wraps up with the traditional doling out of Spend My Money buying advice, as is tradition.

The rundown is below. Remember, if you have a car-related question you'd like us to answer or you want buying advice of your very own, send a message or a voice memo to podcast at autoblog dot com. (If you record audio of a question with your phone and get it to us, you could hear your very own voice on the podcast. Neat, right?) And if you have other questions or comments, please send those too.

Autoblog Podcast #512

Topics and stories we mention Rundown
  • Intro - 00:00
  • What we're driving - 03:06
  • New York show - 16:45
  • Spend My Money - 46:20
Total Duration: 59:09

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