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The Dodge Demon's massive drag tires are just barely street legal

Custom tires cover 18- by 11-inch wheels.

Despite the gaffe that was the Vin Dieselgate leak (no, not that one), Dodge and SRT are soldiering on with the twelve-part Dodge Demon rollout in the lead up to the car's reveal at the New York Auto Show. The Vin Diesel video showed what is almost assuredly the car's front, but now we get an official view of the Demon's rear in this week's video, "Wide Body." Along with the new view, Dodge shows off a cryptic license plate (Michigan #2576@35) and details on the Demon's tantalizing wheel and tire combo.

That wheel and tire combo, meant to fill out the Demon's new wide wheel arches, is frankly impressive. Lightweight 18- by 11-inch wheels are wrapped in special Demon branded Nitto NT05R tires measuring an astounding 315/40R18 at all four corners. Not only does that trump the old Camaro Z/28's 305 section tires, it makes the Demon the first production car to come equipped from the factory with drag radials, claims Dodge. Presumably, the goal with the Demon is to provide enough power and grip to rotate the Earth underneath the car rather than propelling the car itself down a dragstrip.

Beyond that, few other details were revealed. Dodge provided some vague information about how the "wide-body is laser clearanced, and the entire chassis is e-coated for durability before final assembly," but doesn't actually explain what that really means. We do know now that the flared fenders add 3.5 inches to the Demon's overall width. Overall, the car looks mean and purposeful, especially wrapped in just barely street-legal rubber. Follow along at and see if you can find and decipher all the hints.

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