Mahindra debuts four-door e20 electric vehicle

The e20 Plus adds two-tone interiors, regenerative braking.

  • Image Credit: India Autos Blog
It took Mahindra three years, but the Indian automaker is finally offering an electric vehicle with four doors. Mahindra debuted a four-door version of its e20 electric vehicle over the weekend, according to Indian Autos Blog, and offers the model in four variants. Mind you, judging from the e20's performance figures, the model remains a resolutely city-only vehicle.

The new version is called the e20 Plus, and it comes in four flavors. There's a variant dedicated to commercial use (the P2) as well as three others for personal driving: P4, P6, and P8. The P2, P4, and P6 are all equipped with a 19-kilowatt electric motor that provides about 70 miles of driving range on a full charge. The P8 is equipped with a 30-kW motor and can be fast-charged in 90 minutes. The prices range from $8,100 to $12,600 for the new models, which all feature amenities such as regenerative braking and a new grille and headlamps.

The higher-end P6 and P8 models feature two-tone interiors ( Mahindra did recently acquire a majority stake in Italian design house Pininfarina, so it's got to use that expertise somewhere, right?) and fabric upholstery as well as a Blaupunkt infotainment system.

Mind you, a bigger e20 doesn't mean high performance. The P2, P4, and P6 versions go from 0 to 37 miles per hour in a rather leisurely 14 seconds, while the car tops middles out at about 50 miles per hour.

Mahindra started selling its Reva electric vehicle in 1994. That model became the e20 in early 2013. Additionally, Mahindra makes the GenZe electric scooter. That model, which debuted in the US last year, has a top speed of 30 miles per hour and can go about 30 miles on a full charge.

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