It's got everything you need, Top Gear fans. Mustang burnouts. A Viper. A fighter jet. A Viper that appears to be armed like a fighter jet. Cars blasting over tracks and off-road. Chris Evans puking. Naturally, all of this – plus much, much more! – means the latest Top Gear trailer is out. This is the extended cut, and it runs 1 minute, 45 seconds.

There's also Matt LeBlanc in his star-spangled helmet, Ferraris, Sabine Schmitz, Jenson Button, lots of roaring engines and exhaust note sounds, and The Stig. Oh, and McLarens, Corvettes, and an animal in the road, too. And the hosts yelling. And the cars roaring again. And more insane TG stuff. Put simply: it's 105 seconds of stream-of-conscious car craziness. Oh, and those are strawberries that Evans just ate. But you already knew that from this minute-long trailer.

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