Forza Motorsport 6: Apex open beta coming May 5

Console racer dips its toe in the Windows 10 PC pool.

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For a long time, racing video games divided into two camps: console-based games gave up some realism for accessibility, while computer-based racers went for extreme authenticity. Turn 10 Studios is going to try and bridge that gap with Forza Motorsport 6: Apex, and now we know when you can get your first taste. Turn 10 Studios will launch an open beta for Windows 10 users on May 5.

FM6: Apex is essentially the same game Xbox One players have been enjoying since September 2015. But DirectX 12 support and 4K resolution, if your PC has the internals to handle it, will make an already pretty game prettier. The beta will be an evolving process, according to Turn 10, with support for additional machine configurations, wheel setups, and other features coming online as things advance.

As our friends at Engadget explained, FM6: Apex is an exciting development, but it's best to think of more as a proving ground for Turn 10 than anything. For one, it's free. But that also means you aren't going to get a lot of cars or tracks – there are 63 vehicles and six locations to race. According to our gadgety friends, a successful run with Apex could lead the next Forza title to debut on both consoles and PCs at roughly the same time.

The open beta for Apex will run through the summer. You can hop over to the Forza website for more details, including a full range of tech specs (the "Ideal" setup will probably make you choke).

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