A new, improved Autoblog Podcast is coming this week

The Autoblog Podcast is undergoing an overhaul this week. For most fans, your enjoyment will continue unencumbered, and the listening experience will improve. But as we giveth, we must also taketh away, and for the die-hard livestream listeners, we've got some bad news.

We'll be recording Episode #448 of the Autoblog Podcast shortly. Our usual rundown of topics can be found below, the Q&A module is beyond that, and as always, you can email any questions to podcast at autoblog dot com.

Here's what you can expect moving forward.

The Good News

  • We are changing the recording time to work better internally and get a wider diversity of voices from within Autoblog. In other words, recording the podcast during actual work hours.
  • The sound quality will improve because we've switched to higher-quality microphones and a better recording solution.
  • We will still produce a podcast each and every week, complete with the usual Q&A module. You can always tweet to @AutoblogPodcast with any other questions, or email podcast at autoblog dot com.

The Bad News

  • The live feed is dead. Sorry, folks.
  • Our first run – Episode #448 – may be a little shorter than usual, while we work out some kinks.

But that's it. See? Mostly the same.

If you haven't already done so, don't forget to subscribe to the Autoblog Podcast in iTunes.

Discussion Topics For Autoblog Podcast #448

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