Leno gets to know the one-off Excalibur RS

Many of us long to create a car for ourselves that would communicate all of our personal design and power preferences. Of course, such a project might only appeal to its builder in the end. This week on Jay Leno's Garage, lifelong auto enthusiast Robert Shaw receives the spotlight as someone making that dream into a reality with his Excalibur RS.

The low-slung, subtly retro look of the Excalibur pulls from a variety of Shaw's inspirations. A significant portion of the roadster is based on an unproduced project from 1959 by famed industrial designer Brooks Stevens. Shaw adds in some cues from a Ford GT40 at the front and a little vintage Corvette elsewhere to round things out. Under the hood, there's a small-block Chevy V8 pumping out around 500 horsepower. The Excalibur RS wasn't just thrown together, and Shaw tells Jay all about the eight-year build process. To be fair, the roadster's look probably isn't to everyone's taste, but you have to respect the labor of love that went into building it. See what you think on the latest from Jay Leno's Garage.

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