Strange contraption safely teaches motorcycle stoppies

When learning to ride a bicycle, most kids use training wheels, at least for a little while. Even if the assistance is only necessary for a short time, the devices offer young riders some added safety and a boost in confidence. The bizarre-looking contraption in the video above follows the same concept, but it helps motorcyclists safely lift the rear wheel to do a stoppie.

The apparatus is the handiwork of a company in the UK called Stunt Asylum, and the device is specifically designed to train stunting novices. In addition to the stabilizers at the side for balance, the bar at the back adjusts how high the tail can go. The wheels at the front also mean that if there's a brake lock-up, the rider still doesn't crash.

According to Visor Down, the price for one of these classes is is 240 pounds ($370). That seems quite reasonable compared to potentially crashing your own bike, not to mention avoiding injuries. Watch the video above to see how it works.

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