Three people 'lucky to be alive' after driver loses control on highway

Wear your seat belt, no matter what.

That's the only conclusion anyone can come to after watching this incredible video of a crash in Kentucky where an SUV loses control, flips five times and ejects three of the four passengers out of the vehicle.

The accident was caught on a semi truck's dashcam, according to WCPO9. In the video the SUV is heading northbound on I-75 in Grant County, KY when it drifts into the right lane coming dangerously close to the back of a semi. The SUV overcorrects and swerves into a dirt mound that acts like a ramp. It is then launched spinning into the air, sending people and debris flying.

Passenger James Lynn is thrown out of the passenger side first, then the driver James Chandler is thrown into a ditch followed by a 5-year-old boy. The two adults escape the falling car's path but the SUV falls onto the 5-year-old, breaking both of his legs. None of the people ejected were wearing seat belts. A 16-year-old boy was not ejected in the crash, though he too was not wearing a seat belt.

Besides the boy's broken legs everyone else involved escaped with minor bruises and cuts. Police credit their survival to their soft landing in sand. No charges have been filed and the crash is still under investigation.

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