Huge ice chunks destroy car after falling from snowy roof

Huge chunks of ice fell on a man's car in Portland, Maine on Sunday, smashing windows, caving in his bumpers and thoroughly trashing his only form of transportation.

Adam Sousa parked his car on Exchange Street in Portland's Old Port when melting snow sent 100- to 150-pound chunks of ice crashing down on his car.

"The chunk that was through the windshield came out of the windshield maybe three feet and was sitting on the passenger's seat," Sousa told WMTW 8. The ice caved in his steering column and littered the car with dings and scratches.

Luckily, no one was hurt by the falling ice, though the city could fine the building owners if the dangerous ice isn't cleared. Neither the city nor his insurance company would help with the costs, though the building owner's liability insurance may cover the damages. For now, Sousa is getting around town with help from friends and relatives.

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