Xcar flogs the 2015 Ford Focus ST

There's an inevitable dilemma that practically every auto fan eventually faces, at least other than Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld, and that's the tradeoff of performance, practicality and perhaps most importantly, money. Parking the fabled supercar in the garage might be the wish, but for most folks bigger responsibilities – like a family – just don't allow that dream to be a reality. In the view of XCar Films, this intersection of needs and wants is where vehicles like the latest Ford Focus ST provide a fantastic compromise between exciting driving and everyday practicality.

Xcar hops into Ford's recently refreshed European hot hatch to illustrate its abilities as both a hauler for the small family on the move and for the driver who just wants to go. The Blue Oval left the powertrain alone for the ST's update, but sharpened the exterior styling, revised the interior and retuned the front suspension and steering.

Being realistic, no one is ever going to get behind the wheel of the Focus ST and mistake it for a Porsche, but that's not really the point. Instead, buyers get to put a smile on their face from time to time and still maintain life's other responsibilities.

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