Teen driver will be tried as an adult in fatal car accident

A teen in New York will be tried as an adult after he was arrested, twice, while out on bail for hitting and killing a 4-year-old girl, while fleeing police and driving without a license.

Franklyn Reyes' SUV jumped a curb and struck Ariel Russo and her grandmother in New York's Upper East Side in June 2013. Reyes' lawyers argued that road work and the pursuing officers were to blame for Russo's death.

Reyes was originally charged with a youthful offender status, meaning he would have face a maximum of four years in jail. The accident would then be expunged from his record on his 18th birthday. However, Reyes was arrested twice last year while on bail – once for looting a dead woman's apartment with his father and again for dragging a police officer during a traffic stop. He now faces a decade behind bars.

Reyes was charged with second-degree manslaughter among other crimes in connection with Russo's death.

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