Police Catch Robbery Suspect Towing Safe Behind Car

A North Carolina cop caught a man dragging a stolen safe from a local pharmacy behind his car.

Early Tuesday morning, 22-year-old Ryan Mullins allegedly smashed a drive-through window to gain entry to Family Care Pharmacy in Swansboro, N.C., according to WCTI. Using nylon rope, he allegedly hauled out a 100-pound safe full of prescription drugs. Police say Mullins attached the safe to the back of his car and dragged it two miles before police caught up with him. A police officer saw something strange in the rear-view mirror after pulling in front of Mullins' car, and pulled over to allow Mullins to pass. After a short chase, he was taken into custody.

Mullins was initially charged with driving while intoxicated, that is, until police heard about a similar safe that was stolen not too far away. A judge charged Mullins Wednesday morning with a myriad of new crimes such as safe-cracking, breaking and entering, theft, possession of stolen goods, trafficking of opium or heroin and DWI.

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