Cars Spray-Painted With Rude Messages In New York

Car defaced with 'Learn to drive s-bag' painted on its side

NYC Vandal Shaming 'Bad' Parking Jobs With Spray Paint

A vandal in the New York borough of Queens bypassed the fad of leaving passive-aggressive notes on bad drivers' windshields Tuesday for the more active, aggressive strategy of spray-painting cars with rude messages.

The owner of one of the tagged cars didn't want to be identified, but told CBS New York she parked on 68th Street and Myrtle Avenue on Tuesday night only to wake up to the words "Learn to park s-bag" spray-painted in black on her car.

A second car was hit only blocks away with a similar message which read "Hey scumbag park right."

A security camera on a nearby school may have caught a glimpse of the vandal, though police are still investigating. While residents admit parking is difficult in the neighborhood, many told CBS the cars that were targeted weren't poorly parked and that no one has the right to deface property.

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