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Meet TVR's new owner and learn his plans for the future

It's hard not to be worried about the reborn TVR. The company's new owner, entrepreneur Les Edgar, recently sat down with PistonHeads to discuss his plans for the fabled brand. Unfortunately, Edgar was no less dodgy about the future of TVR in his latest interview than he has been in the past. Evasive on everything from what the TVR brand means to him to which of the company's cars he's owned in the past, the former video game developer is either the most cautious individual to ever get into the automotive manufacturing game or is woefully unprepared for his new undertaking.

When asked what's at the heart of TVR, Edgar responded, "I think it's the people that buy them. We're looking [for] a demographic that is probably different from what it was 15-20 years [ago]. We build cars that hopefully people want to buy, and they may not be the same type of people that bought them 10 years ago. At the base of it – the DNA – has got to be the same thing running through."


Edgar then went on to dance around the question of what that DNA is, exactly. You can check out the full interview by heading over to PistonHeads. We sincerely hope we're wrong about Edgar and his intentions for the brand, but the executive's early comments haven't quite passed our sniff test.

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