Here it is -- a full-sized bumper car. (Bumpercarguy)
Who says you have to grow up? There are plenty of ways to retain a childlike delight while you move through the adult world, and nothing says 'innocence of youth' like ramming into other people. That's why this street legal bumper car is the perfect ride for those who desire to return to a simpler time.

This unique ride is actually a 1984 Dodge Colt 1.6L Turbo with a fiberglass custom body designed to look like a bumper car. That's right, a turbo bumper car, which will come in handy after you bounce off of a series of cars during your morning commute. According to the seller 'bumpercarguy' this one-of-a-kind car gets "great gas mileage" and even comes with a $1,500 stereo system.

Unfortunately there weren't many takers. The bid ended just under $3,000 and didn't meet the reserve set by the seller. Hopefully he relists it, and we start seeing reports of bumps and runs.

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