Brian Lormor's D89 Aston Martin is his pride and joy. So when a huge scratch appeared running along the length of his new car he had to know what happened. Luckily, his car was parked under one of Britian's closed-circuit television cameras.

Watching the footage, Lormor was shocked to see a cab driver's arm extended out of his driver-side window holding something in his hand to scratch the paint on the $77,000 car. Lormor could only guess at the motive for the vandalism.

"Jealousy, I think that's the main thing." Lormor told Sky Tyne and Wear.

Lormor released the video in hopes of bringing the cabbie to justice. Fixing scratched luxury cars can cost thousands of dollars. Early this month one man walked onto a dealership lot in Oklahoma City and cause half a million dollars in damage by keying just a dozen high end cars in a similar fashion.

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