The Jeep Wrangler has long been considered one of the most capable 4x4 vehicles in the world. Perhaps that's why John Hammond selected the Wrangler as the off-road vehicle of choice for his spectacular amusement park. After all, he "spared no expense." If you have no idea who John Hammond is, chances are you've never seen Jurassic Park, the dinosaur-themed blockbuster now celebrating its 20th Anniversary.

In honor of the film, which was recently rereleased in 3D theaters, we spoke with Colorado Movie Cars Club's Brian Holder, who we found at Holder loved the Jurassic Park Jeep so much that he recreated one of his own from a 1993 Wrangler Sahara. The process involved a full restoration of the vehicle's interior, as well as adding exterior accents like stripes, painted wheels and custom license plates.

  • Brian Holder's 1993 Jeep Wrangler Sahara, before its "Jurassic" transformation
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  • Brian Holder's 1993 "Jurassic" Jeep Wrangler Sahara
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  • Brian Holder's 1993 "Jurassic" Jeep Wrangler Sahara

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  • Painted wheel on Brian Holder's 1993 "Jurassic" Jeep Wrangler Sahara

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  • Reupholstered seats and roll bar on Brian Holder's "Jurassic" 1993 Jeep Wrangler Sahara

  • Image Credit: BRIAN HOLDER

TRANSLOGIC: What made you decide to recreate the vehicle from the film?

Brian Holder: I have always been interested in automotive technology...But I also loved movie vehicles. After some research, I decided creating a replica of a movie vehicle was something within reach. I love a lot of these movie/TV vehicles, but when I got around to deciding to build one, I wanted something relatively affordable, that would be fun. The Jurassic Jeep fit the bill for my criteria.

TL: What do you hope to get out of the process?

BH: A fun vehicle that puts a smile on other people's faces. I have only driven my Jeep one day since it was completed due to weather this time of year. In that one day, I had many people drive by and look over and give me a huge smile and wave, or a thumbs up, as well as compliments through opened windows at stop lights, or when parking. It is really gratifying to know you brightened someone's day. I also enjoyed my time building and working on my Jeep as many other auto enthusiast do, whether that is restoring a classic muscle car or wrenching on their track car.

TL: What do you plan on using the vehicle for? Is it just a show vehicle or do you enjoy off-roading?

BH: I will be using my vehicle as my fun "extra" vehicle. It does not need to be my primary transportation, but I don't plan on keeping it in the garage and only bringing it out for shows either. Our club has many events/car shows that we display our vehicles at, so it will certainly be displayed, but it will also be used. Living in Colorado there are some amazing places you can 4x4 too, so I do plan on light off-roading as well.

"There are fan communities...dedicated to movie vehicles," explained Holder. "In that respect building a replica is similar to being in a car club dedicated to Mustangs or Camaros."

Holder's Jurassic Park Jeep will soon have a high-tech upgrade that the one in the film did not. Thanks to an Android app, the vehicle will be able to project the dinosaur calls from the film, much like the Jeep seen in the video below.

Any advice to those thinking of replicating a movie vehicle of their own? "Make conscious decisions about each part of your vehicle. This goes for really any project, but many people make the mistake of rushing to get the product finished, and the end result suffers," said Holder.

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