What you're looking at here is a brand-new, small-displacement motorcycle from Janus, though you'd be forgiven for thinking the machine is some restored relic from the 1920s. Devin Biek and Richard Worsham got it into their heads to start building new bikes borrowing design references from their favorite antique two-wheelers, after noticing how many moped enthusiasts were working to convert their budget rides into more capable machines. The result is the Janus Halcyon 50, and the creation is powered by a liquid-cooled 50cc two-stroke engine.

A six-speed transmission puts power to the rear wheel via a chain drive, and the whole contraption is good for a top speed of 55 miles per hour. Biek and Worsham also say the Halcyon 50 can net you 60 miles per gallon, which means the bike has a range of 180 miles thanks to the 3-gallon polished aluminum fuel tank. What's more, we hear tell the engine can be easily upgraded to generate around twice the horsepower.

With its 18-inch wheels, leather saddle and hardtail configuration, the Halcyon 50 pulls at our heartstrings in a big way. Each bike is built in Goshen, Indiana, and Janus contracts local Amish workers to bend and weld the company's frames. Sinfully cool. If you want one, the company will politely ask for $3,900.

You can check the company out over at the Janus Motorcycles site.

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