Typhoon Jelwat made landfall in Okinawa, Japan over the weekend causing plenty of damage in its wake, and these two videos below show just how powerful a weakening tropical storm can be. According to The Weather Channel, when the storm hit Okinawa, it had sustained winds of 83 miles per hour and gusts up to 115 mph which obviously is enough to throw cars around a parking lot like toys.

In the first video, U.S. Marines stationed at Camp Kisner record cars being pushed around the parking lot before a small car tips over, slides across the parking lot and then tumbles through the air. The second video shows a cherry Mazda RX-7 at Kadena Air Force Base come within feet of becoming another victim of the storm as a dumpster slides right past the car slamming into a minivan.

As bad as the videos look, things could have been much worse, as Jelawat had been recorded as a Super Typhoon with winds around 160 mph just earlier last week and was downgraded to a less powerful typhoon before making landfall. Check out the carnage the wind can cause in the videos below, but beware, there is quite a bit of explicit Not Safe For Work language in both.

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