Fairfield University student severely burned in car fire

A Connecticut man was severely injured last week when his Chevy Tahoe exploded on a suburban street and flames engulfed him in the wreckage.

Justin Hervey, 23, a student at nearby Fairfield College, remained in critical condition Monday at Bridgeport Hospital. Police continue to investigate the unusual explosion, which occurred Thursday.

Hervey stumbled from the vehicle and coaches from a nearby Little League game came to his rescue. They tried to get Hervey to stop, drop and roll and tried to douse the flames with anything they could find – even a can of Pepsi. The Pleasantville (Conn.) Patch reported that Hervey told witnesses he was having car trouble before the explosion.

Investigators told the news outlet Monday that they have confirmed the fire started inside the passenger compartment of the Tahoe and ruled out an engine fire.

"The investigation is going to take us one of three places," Fairfield police Lt. James Perez told NBC News. "It's either going to take us to the accident bracket, on-purpose bracket or mechanical failure."

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