Chrysler took the time to show off the first special edition version of the 2013 SRT Viper. Dipped in the same GTS blue paint as the original Viper, the GTS Launch Edition also wears the same Bright White racing stripes from nose to tail. Chrysler says the combination will only be available on Launch Edition cars and that the final production will be limited. How limited? The company isn't saying, though we imagine you'll need to know your local dealer pretty well to bring one of these machines home.

Inside, each Viper GTS Launch Edition comes with its own dash-mounted identification plaque as well as Black Laguna leather seats with contrast stitching. An Alcantara headliner and white-face guages with silver trim complete the look.

The Launch Edition is the first Viper to wear the redesigned Viper logo. Chrysler calls the design "Stryker," and the newest snake follows in the footsteps of the original "Sneaky Pete" and "Fang" emblems. Check it out in the gallery below.

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