For someone looking to resuscitate a car company that last produced vehicles during the Johnson Administration, R.W. Reed, CEO of the long-defunct Studebaker Motor Co. sure picked an odd model name for the effort to be taken seriously. But at least he's shooting for the latest technology.

Studebaker, which stopped making automobiles in 1966, is proposing that its first four-wheeled vehicle (the company wants to launch with a line of scooters) be powered by either a battery-electric or diesel-hybrid powertrain, with eventual plans to make as many as 20,000 vehicles a year, Reed said on the company's website. Reed also said the first car model, a compact four-door sedan, would be called the Lark, which is the same name of a model the company made in the late 1950s and 1960s but may also unintentionally allude to the prospects of production.

Reed first acted on the idea of reviving Studebaker in 2009 and opened Colorado offices for the company in 2010, but little has been disclosed about what kind of funding it has. We do know the company is looking for investors. That said, the brand does have its loyalists. The Studebaker Drivers Club has more than 12,000 members and will hold its 48th International Meet in South Bend, IN, in late July and early August.

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