Automotive News reports Chrysler may finally send the Dodge Avenger out to pasture. Reuters spoke with Reid Bigland, head of the Dodge brand, who said Chrysler would look to focus on a single mid-size car in the next three years or so, and that focus would likely alight on the recently refreshed Chrysler 200. Both the Avenger and the 200 enjoyed a sales boom last year thanks to improved drivetrain options and new interiors, though the two still lag far behind their competition. Removing one of the twins from the picture would allow Chrysler to save money on both development and marketing while eliminating the issue of having competing models on the same dealer lot.

Reports have previously suggested Chrysler will work to slim duplicate models across its brands by eliminating the Dodge Grand Caravan in favor of a Fiat-based crossover. The death of the Avenger is wise step in that direction. Last year, the vehicle sold 63,023 units, and while that figure marks a 26 percent improvement over the 2010 numbers, it's a far cry from the 308,510 Toyota Camry units sold last year.

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