Hyundai Elantra Coupe confirmed, coming to Chicago

Hyundai has just confirmed that a two-door coupe version of the Elantra is coming, but despite prior speculation pegging its debut at next week's LA Auto Show, the Korean automaker will be waiting until next February at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show to do the reveal.

We've seen the car, and the Elantra Coupe looks much like your regular four-door Elantra but with two less ports of entry and a much more sporting flair. Hyundai hopes to differentiate the coupe from the sedan by giving it a different set of gear ratios for a more sporting driving experience. The Elantra Coupe will also get its own unique SE trim level, which as we know based on Hyundai's traditional trim designations, is the sporty trim. The company expects the coupe to make up 20 percent of the Elantra's volume, and its obvious target is the Honda Civic Coupe, as well as the Kia Forte Koup that will share the same basic underpinnings.

In other Elantra news, Hyundai has also confirmed that a new five-door Elantra, heretofore called the Elantra Touring, will arrive in 2013. We've already seen this model; it's called the i30 in Europe where it's already debuted. The new five-door hatchback will not, however, retain the Elantra Touring name. Hyundai is keeping the new name close to its chest, but did tell us that the car will be called "Elantra something."

Hyundai Elantra Information

Hyundai Elantra

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