Nissan Leaf first adopters say car exceeds expectations

Being on the cutting edge is cool-so long, as you don't actually get cut. There are thousands of people living on that edge with modern plug-in vehicles, and plenty of reports on the Internet sharing their first-hand experiences. Fortunately, for early owners of the Nissan Leaf, getting plugged-in has been anything but painful. To wit:

Since Jim Stack bought his new Nissan six months ago, he's come to enjoy watching fuel prices bounce around. Stack and his wife have racked up more than 4,000 miles while only powering their electric Nissan Leaf by plugging it into a socket. ...
"It exceeds anything I could have managed," Stack said.

That's from a report on Phoenix-Tucson-area Leaf owners. Planners there have found that EV drivers are excited about their vehicles and that any outbreak of "range anxiety" has been both mild and short lived. The only real disappointment has been how hard it's been to get a Leaf in your driveway. Production of the Leaf has been lower than expected, in part due to the disruption of the Japanese earthquake. However, with more EVs arriving, officials are scrambling to keep drivers smiling by installing additional charging locations.

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