Clarkson says this year's Top Gear Christmas special will be in India

Jeremy Clarkson has let slip what viewers can look forward to in terms of this year's Top Gear Christmas Special. As it turns out, James May, Richard Hammond and the curly-haired host are taking to India for filming this year. At this point, it's unclear exactly what the trio will get up to in the Asian country, but given that Clarkson hasn't had kind things to say about the area in the past, we're all but guaranteed some sort of multi-cultural dust up. Previously, Jezza has called the country's roads a "war zone." Clearly, he hasn't seen what passes for a network of streets in Detroit.

Last year, the Top Gear crew drew the ire of both Muslims and Christians after the trio were filmed wearing the traditional Muslim hijab and depicted the birth of Christ with a baby Stig in a manger. At least they're an equal opportunity offender. Head over the UK's WitneyTV to watch the full Clarkson interview talk about India, along with what stars he'd most like to see in the show's Reasonably Priced Car.

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