Aston Martin can't build Cygnet fast enough to keep up with demand

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Call it practical, call it luxurious, or call it a thinly veiled dilution of a legendary marque. –Whatever you want to call the Aston Martin Cygnet, at the end of the day, there are apparently a sizable number of customers lining up to drop the approximate equivalent of $50,000 on the tarted-up Toyota iQ. So many, in fact, that Autocar has learned that Aston can hardly keep its supply up with the demand.

The thing is that Aston takes its time building each Cygnet, receiving the chassis from Toyota and trimming them out to order to suitably Aston Martin levels of sumptuous fit and finish. Which sounds nice and all, but apparently customers are less keen to wait to have theirs built than they would be to simply drive one home from the dealership on the spot.

As far as we can recall, Cygnet models were only supposed to be sold to owners of other Aston Martin vehicles, so presumably this demand isn't just the result of regular (if well-heeled) consumers deciding to trade in their current car over something like a Mini Cooper Goodwood.

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